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The FigLeaf public beta is now open. Get a sneak peek of how one app gives you everything you need to take total control of your privacy online.
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The privacy you've been missing is right here
FigLeaf digs deep into the internet (and the dark web too) to see if your email and personal info is out there, and then gives you the power to tighten up your privacy right in the app.
Scan for breaches
Mask your email
Signing up somewhere new? FigLeaf masks your email so you can keep your real address private. And you'll still receive your email in your real account.
Stop trackers
Shop safely
No more worrying about your credit card falling into the wrong hands. FigLeaf gives you a Masked Card to use instead.
FigLeaf has your back while you're online with an encrypted connection. It hides your location and data from ISPs, hackers, and anyone else monitoring the network.
Connect securely
coming soon
Most sites you visit have trackers baked right in. FigLeaf stops them in their tracks, and stops advertisers from learning all about you.
You'll be one of the first people on the planet to feel what it's like to take back your online privacy. Go ahead and brag.
There's no charge for FigLeaf while we're in beta mode. So enjoy more privacy, on us.
If you need help along the way, we're here through live chat or by email.

Exclusive access
What's in it for you
Your privacy is a big deal to us, so everything you do is encrypted on our servers and on your device. If we need access to your information to help you with a transaction, we need your explicit permission to do so. Without that permission and without your private key, we can't decrypt your personal data. That means no one can see it. Not even us. It's our Zero Knowledge Promise to you.
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Use it and fill out the in-app survey
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Easy to use and scroll through, provided useful information on improving my privacy.
Everything was once again very simple. Enabling the secure connection was a simple click as was stopping tracking
People just like you are loving FigLeaf
I found it easy to use the extension features. I tried covering my browsing interests and noticed that many threats were being blocked, so that seems to work well! I also tried signing up for a new website and masking my email and password and that worked very well!
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Here's some feedback from real FigLeaf users who took our survey.
Still on the fence? FigLeaf is free while in beta and so easy to use. Give it a try.
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We should not be ashamed of our desire for privacy. Rather, we should be wary of any organization that wants to take it away from us. FigLeaf stands for privacy — for everyone. Everywhere. And because pretty much everyone lives some of their life online, every user needs their own personal privacy app.

FigLeaf is the first and only total privacy app for individual users.

Coming Soon!
Requires Windows 10.1803 or later. Works great with the Google Chrome extension.
Thanks for joining our beta program, and helping us improve our app and website.

Can you share how you found FigLeaf?
We're just curious what website brought you here, the device you're using, and your country. To find this out we will look into the basic data inside Facebook, Google Display & Video 360, Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Why are we asking you first?
Because we believe in total privacy control. See our Privacy Promise for more.
Platform Not Supported
Unfortunately your platform is not supported yet :(

We're working very hard to make FigLeaf available everywhere, but right now beta is only available for Windows machines
Thanks for joining our beta program, and helping us improve our app and website.

Beta checklist:
  • Use Google Chrome browser for FigLeaf extension
  • Make sure your OS is updated to the supported version (Windows 10 16299.0 or higher, Mac OS 10.13.6 or higher)
  • If you encounter any issues feel free to contact our support